Order to Delivery Is Easy

I got a good price and the insulation arrived right when the company said it would.” — Jamie Primeaux, Company – Driltech

Step #1- Review Insulation prices 

Start by reviewing Fiberglass or Reflective prices. The true wholesale cost and the profit amounts are separated for clarity and transparency!

Step #2- Fill out a Listed Order Form or Custom Quote Form 

  • After you have reviewed the delivered prices, fill out a LISTED ORDER FORM if you wish to order from one of the posted prices.
  • Fill out a CUSTOM QUOTE FORM if you want a different insulation square foot or R-Value than what is shown. A representative will call, then email a formal proposal/contract within 24 hours.

Step #3 – Sign Contract and Pay Profit Amount

Review your wholesale quote. Then sign the purchase order and pay the profit amount that same day. You are guaranteed a minimum of $200 net savings below market quotes of equal specifications. The average savings is 10%. 

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Fiberglass Insulation Orders

  • Pay the listed profit amount to Insulation Discount, then you pay the wholesale cost directly to our certified Insulation supplier within 3 business days. Our certified supplier’s information will be supplied to you after you order.

Fiberglass Insulation Orders

  • Pay the full insulation cost (wholesale price + profit) to Insulation Discounted. At a minimum, you will pay the profit amount after (same day) receiving the formal quote. The full amount is paid within 3 business days.

Step #4 – Get a Confirmed Scheduled Delivery Date

Customers receive a call within 48 hours of delivery that confirms the arrival time and delivery date.

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  • Reflective Insulation orders are delivered within 7 to 10 days.
  • Fiberglass Insulation orders are delivered within 2 to 3 weeks.   

Step #5 – Accept Insulation Materials and Sign for Delivered items.

Again, the process from Order to Delivery is simple: Just have someone present to sign for insulation materials when received. Questions call 1-888-355-7346

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  • Insulation Orders – Please take a minute to verify all ordered materials have arrived in good condition before you sign the bill of label document.